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Back Again to Break Your Heart


Back Again to Break Your Heart is a collection of comics by Douglas Noble, pulled from issues of Strip For Me.

The Space Between Words presents a lifetime in a haze of broken memories, in the fragments of a romance, in the small minutes and long hours.

A Man of Certain Talents is a puzzle about identity, set in a world without names. Where no answers are supplied and the questions are left unsaid.

What It Is & What It Was is a generation-spanning story of an unlikely friendship, international travel, romance, death, religion, snow based sculpture and the supernatural.

Cocksmen of the Western World is an intrigue of passion set again the violent heat of the cockfighting ring.

The book also includes the exclusive short piece, Why I Killed the Child.

104 pages, B&W.

"For anyone serious about the dramatic powers of the form this is a book to look in on." Andrew Luke, TRS.

"Hats off to you Mr. Noble; when people accusingly challenge me that all comics are for intellectual retards and bed wetters, all failed relationships and whimsy, I can add this to my arsenal of come backs; 'yeah but have you seen this?'" - Oliver East, Trains Are Mint.

"It's a fascinating story, hugely enjoyable, although you may not actually ever realise why you're enjoying it so much." - Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International.